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Sometimes, I think of the unthinkables, like leaving Tumblr, and then I think of all the ~memories and tell myself to SHUT UP AND JUST REBLOG.

It’s actually my fourth Christmas here - two years spent under @kbcdefg - and I honestly don’t think I can find someplace else on the Internet I’d actually enjoy spending holidays, or days if you may, in. Nope, not even on YouTube where the most hellarious commenters prevail. I love the way people around here have a virtual best-friendship that can go to lengths even without labels and commitment.

And the ~perks of this Tumblrelationship, it’s just a.ma.zing. (That’s how a.ma.zing it is I actually have to break the word down, just like how I stress it IRL, and type it twice.) For example, Kat @straykat, whom I’ve been following half my Tumblr life (and probably vice versa given the circumstances), still managed to think of giving me one of the perfect gifts I could receive from anyone, in spite of her v. preggy state. (She gave birth to a lovely bb boy on Christmas eve!! Send your congrats!*) It’s the first book in Linda Ellerbee’s Get Real series, only one of those things I’ve been dying quite literally HALF my life to get my hands on. (But how creepy is that, right? The way Tumblr makes us all best friends and know random to intimate things about each other? Alright, creepy-nice.) I really couldn’t have been more touched… but what does Kat get? This lousy-sappy post. But this post will forever stay in my archive (pr as long as my Tumblr lives, which could possibly be for eternity), as will my thanks (may the sincerity radiate through the monitor).

*Congrats on your bb boy, Kat!! I knew you were already at the hospital, writhing in pain lol, when you stopped tweeting on the 23rd. You could have named him Hesus for Hotness, but Juan Miguel sounds Mexicanovela-steamy as well!! (See that’s another perk of Tumblrelationships, you could throw in inapprops comments and it would be okay… Right?)

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    Happy new year to you two! And congrats again, Kat! :D P.S. It’s really a.ma.zing how friendships grow on Tumblr, Kb. :)
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    You’re welcome, KB! It was 3 Sundays ago when I saw this book and suddenly remembered that you’re a big fan of this...
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